Clement Ong was a legal practitioner, before he became an international corporate counsel.

He was called-to-the-bar on 15 December 2006. He was then practising as a Legal Associate with Messrs. Khoo Heng Choon & Co, then with Messrs. Phee & Co, before became a Partner in Messrs. Allen & Associates.

He left private practice in July 2014, and joined the HUAWEI, a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. He was managing its legal affairs in 21 countries in the Oceania Region, which had an annual turnover of USD 110 million. He was based at Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and Suva, Fiji Islands.

In October 2016, he joined the OSRAM, a multinational lighting manufacturer headquartered in Munich, Germany. He is now managing its legal affairs in 7 countries, i.e. Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong. He is now based at Penang, Malaysia.


2006 年 12 月 15 日,他获认许为高等法院律师。之后,他曾在 KHOO HENG CHOON & CO 律师事务所,及 PHEE & CO 律师事务所,担任律师;后成为 ALLEN & ASSOCIATES 律师事务所的合伙人。

2014 年 7 月,他离开私人执业,并加入中国跨国企业、信息与通信解决方案的供应商,华为。他负责其公司在太平洋岛国21个国家的法务工作,并常驻巴布亚新几内亚国首都莫尔兹比港,及斐济共和国首都苏瓦。

2016 年 10 月,他加入德国跨国企业、世界上两大光源制造商之一,欧司朗。他负责其公司在马来西亚,新加坡,菲律宾,印度尼西亚,泰国,澳大利亚及香港的法务工作,常驻马来西亚槟城。

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